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Our Easton Press Collection.

All bound in genuine leather and accented with 22kt gold. Each book is a Collector Edition that is as magnificent to see as it is to read. Easton Press books are extraordinary and elegant. A great addition to any home or office, and make the perfect gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or any occasion.





Customer Testimonial

"I am very thankful for having found your bookshop. The range of titles that I've browsed (since last week) is quite simply the best collection of books on European history and American Law, bar none. I have been spending (easily) anywhere from 4 to 7 hours, every day, browsing through all your listed titles and debating with myself which titles to pick. I wish I were in Troy, NY to just immerse myself in these books. Trite to say the titles are all good and their scholarship, superb. They simply don't publish these good books anymore these days. And, it seems that, your bookshop has them all.

I will keenly await the next shipment even as I am most certain that it will be, as usual, the same efficient and excellent service. (PS: I especially liked the way all the books were neatly wrapped in a protective covering whilst the documentation is complete).

Thank you, again, for the privilege of having discovered your great bookshop.
Kind regards,
Rafael (Ranil) M. Reynante Bern, Switzerland"